Trying to make a dumbbell

Hi all!

Like it already says in the title I’m trying to make a dumbbell in Blender. I’ve just finished the modelling but I think there are some things that could be better. Please give me some feedback/tips about my model:

I’ve just seen that the image quality is very low. How can I upload images in a higher resolution? Thanks.

Looking good so far, but that is a single hand weight, for a double handed one you’d need to make it longer and space out the weights.

If you want to make nicer threads,there is an addon you can enable in the beta version of blender called Bolt Factory (its under add mesh). You can then add the bolt with realistic looking threads and what not and then just cut off the vertices from the head.

Looks good so far. It should look nicer with actual materials and in an actual setting. For the weights themselves I would bevel the edges a little bit for some extra realism.

Thanks for the tips, I’ve bevelled the edges of the weights and textured the model. I’ve also made a test-render in cycles with 500 passes:

Looking very nice. It’s too dark to see any detail on the weights now though. I’d lighten up the scene a little.

its looking cool : )

I’ve changed the textures a little bit and made the scene little brighter:

Thats amazing