Trying to make a nut and bolt

I have been working on nut and bolt meshes as modeling practice. the bolt is pretty much finished, and the basic shape of the nut is down, but I’m having two problems with it. First of all, I can’t figure out how to add threads to the nut. I tried just copying in part of the bolt and moving the ends around, but it didn’t come out well. any ideas for how to do this? The second thing is the material. I can’t figure out how to make it look chrome-ish. How can I fake chrome? I can’t just have the material reflect the surroundings, because there aren’t any. Anyway, here’s a current render:

you most likely tried this, but either deletel the inside faces, use the screw feature to make a thread and then select the adges and make a face.

Or you could remove the inside face, duplicate a the eqivelent sive piece from the bolt, join your edges a to from the face and recalculate the normals.

i can remeber which is crome so can help their
good luck

As for the material, you could use this metal material made by Zsolt:

It’s not exactly chrome but might be useful nonetheless.