Trying to make a realistic render of a woman's face

UPDATE** Just made a new render and took wireframe shots.

Hey guys! Just worked on a model for the past 3 hours to challenge myself to make a quick semi-realistic render. Model was textured and sculpted in zbrush, annd brought into blender cycles to render. I rendered a couple different frames with different lighting setups and then blended in post processing.
Here are some of the results…not sure if this is worth continuing but would love your opiions on this!

Here are some of the later renders

You’re making progress, that much is clear. But the way she sort of stares into the camera like she does, and how close the camera is, makes it somewhat off-putting. If you do maybe a 3/4 view, it might look better? Also, when she’s looking away from the camera, it’s a lot less off-putting. Something to keep in mind.
Very nice texture work. The realism is definitely there.