Trying to Make an object break on a second impact.

Hello I am new to the forums and very new to Blender. I would like to make an object fall into a spinning object and get thrown against a passive surface and break. It seems like Cell fracture only breaks after first collision. What I want is it to break after the second or third collision Any ideas how i could make this simulation work?


Welcome to the forum!

You - theoretically - can do this with so-called ‘constraints’ with different breaking thresholds, but this is quite a mess to set up.

I would suggest you to use the custom blender build Fracture Modifier. It is a special blender version designed for breaking stuff and supports breaking into smaller shards which are again breakable and so on…
Take a look at the examples and tutorials there, I think this is exactly what you are looking for.

BUT: files created in there may not be fully compatible!