trying to make soft shadows

so as the title says, i need to make soft shadows in the BGE, how do i do it? do i need another python script? i want to use a sun light source for the shading.

Unfortunately, it can’t be done yet. They’re working on it though.

Well, there is a Workaround presented in the Resources Forum, recently bumped – but it is not suitable for real Ingame Purposes.
From what we can tell, it is most likely that the Light Features (among them are Soft Shadows) of the Harmony Branch get into Trunk in 2.63 (unfortunately the Date to get it into Trunk on 2.62 was missed very closely).

Maybe I’m stating the obvious here… but if it’s for your set or environment, you should probably bake out the shadows into your texture. That way, at least everything else other than your characters will have soft shadows. Just make sure they don’t cast shadows in the game.