trying to make something neat..

tips are appreciated…

im not quite sure where im going to go with this …it basically just grows and grows and where it stops no one knows…

i was thinking though of not filling in certain parts and giving the mesh a sortof ripped apart look … where there were holes in it ?

also i realliy fucked up the lip i think

It looks very cool. If you want to make holes in it, try using booleans, or tuhopuu2 with the knife tool. To use booleans, just select 2 objects , and with them both occupying the same space, hit ‘W’, and choose ‘difference’.

very nice. Throw some wires comign from the forehead or something like that.

Wouldnt suggest booleans just now…waaaaay to messy. It is a very cool mesh tho. Its a little hard to tell what it is at first, however

keep it up


nice it looks like one of those final fantasy things or it just me maybe becuase im listening to Liberi Fatali( I thinks its the song from the last battle of FF8)…maybe you should listen to it too I think u will come up with something :slight_smile:

It’s completely ill! Arcimboldo of the 21st century :slight_smile: . (Another comparsion, basse :wink: )

um well it looks ok um cant really say much more than that need to see more.

more shots of the head, im not sure if i like it better with just smooth shade on and no subd or with subd on …

any ideas crits are greatly apprectiated


That is stunning man ,
very original and wicked detail !
Thumbs up

Ever seen Akira? yeah, it looks kinda like that. Good job so far, I like! :smiley:

there are starting to be a lot of holes in the mesh and i really like the shapes that turn up in these holes but i need to somehow do something with the holes… maybe i should have embedded circuitry geometry or tubes that are shown due to the absense of skin (the hole)?

havent had much time to work on this so there will be alot of little updates like this … anyway i hope you are still likeing it … and if anyone has any ideas for me to add to this please let me know. thank you.

can we see a 3/4 view of it? From the given renders, its a little difficult (for me at least) to see all of the detail.

What I CAN see is great tho :wink:


the Salvador Dali of the 21st century…twisted mind and the disgusting yet beautiful artwork is already there…all you now need is an attitude! :smiley: