Trying to model Natalie portman, but came up with a chinese looking buddha? Aaaaaa

(Uthu Santuhan) #1

I tried to copy the face of Natalie Portman. I just have the front facing photo.

And I failed.

Any help will be appreciated.


(CYNIC78) #2

Making portraits in 3d is not trivial task. Try to use more photo references from different angles - side, 2\3 side 2\3 top, 2\3 bottom views. Match viewport angle to corresponding photos and then try to fit your model shape to lines of face. There is nice plugin for blender that stores viewports angles and setting you can use it to switch between different angles to see how your mesh matches shape of face on reference photos. And try to find photos with neutral expression it will be easier for you to catch right shape of face. There is program called Facegen, you can load front and side photos and it will create textured 3d face. It may be good starting point to sculp your portrait. Good luck.

(Uthu Santuhan) #3

CYNIC 78, Thanks a bunch brooo. :slight_smile: Very nice info! I will look it up!



(CYNIC78) #4

Here is great tutorial series how to make 3d model from photo references using blender. You may find it usefull! :slight_smile:

(Uthu Santuhan) #5

I sure will. Thx again

(Tedri Mark) #6

Not a good Natalie Portman, but an okay Tilda Swinton :smiley:

Seriously though, have you tried to model/sculpt a head before? As someone said above, it’s a tricky thing indeed. Not that I would have been able to do any better, but I think following a few tutorials both for 3d and also anatomical knowledge of the muscles and bones of the head would help you start to get better at capturing likenesses in 3D. Also having more than one angle to go from, as someone else said. One thing that stands out to me in your model, is the Natalie’s eyes seem more sunken in, or her brow is more further out (I told you I wouldn’t have been able to do any better)

Good luck!

(Uthu Santuhan) #7

I hear ya brooo. Thanks. Tilda is sooo depressing to copy. No offense T! :slight_smile: Loving the movies. But my model sure does look similar to her.

The 80 Funk Buddha:

About that skill, I wouldn’t worry so much. We’re no Baolong Hong (3D modeller dude in Gaming)

(nancycat) #8

If all the photos you have of her show her wearing makeup, good luck. Makeup is designed to hide/alter the features. Seeing through the makeup is a whole separate skill.

if it makes you feel any better - a painter’s definition of a portrait is, “A picture of someone’s face where something is wrong with the mouth.”

(Uthu Santuhan) #9

Lol. The painter sure knoweth what he was doing, to have come up with that term.