Trying to rig a fish model with no luck help would be appreciated

Got any recommendations as to where i can upload to and link from?

Everything you need is in this tutorial here go to 17:00 in the video if you want to get to the bone rigging part ;

Thanks again for the help,
here is a file

Cheers for the tut vid link polynut.:smile:

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Look at these weights.

Notice how tail is weighted more heavily than head on this randomly chosen vert. Does that make any sense?

You should also apply your rotation to both your armature and your mesh before going further. That will require adjusting your mirror modifier.

This model doesn’t autoweight well for some reason. How I would weight this model is sequentially: assign all to head, linear gradient add 01, normalize all lock active, linear gradient add 02, normalize all lock active, etc. Your goal should be gradients that go from just behind the bone to just after the bone-- not gradients that span the entire fish.

You’ll want to check this out:

Hi bandages
Thanks for your patience , but you do have to assume I know nothing with this.
So I don’t get this:

Hi Metin
Thanks for that it looks a fun interesting thing.

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I’m not going to assume you know nothing, because otherwise I’d have to explain for hours about Blender interface, modes, mouse navigation, etc. But I’ll help if you can be more specific about where exactly you’re having problems. Do you know how to use search menu? Select your armature in object mode and search for “apply object transforms.” Then get back to me about the next thing you’re having trouble with.

not sure if this will help but bendy bones might help , might need the plug-in though.

Ok I get your point , I do appreciate your time is precious.
I have applied object transformations as requested.
Not sure what assign all to head means?

Thanks for that, i did have a play with it but the issues I am having in general
are also present with this.

The picture shows the grand purpose behind this, digital versions of my carp sculptures.



not me mark , I’m retired and have nothing but time , I was doing a lot of rigging and left blender to pursue game modeling in skyrim and like a dummy dumped all my stuff to make room on my drive ,but there was a free add-on a while back that would fill the bill for what your looking for will see if I can find it but it will let your fish swim.

It means, select all your verts (in edit or weight paint mode), go to properties/object data/vertex group, select your head group from the list of vertex groups, make sure that the “weight” bar underneath says 1.0, and click the assign button right above that weight bar.

That would be FishSim. It really eases rigging and animating fish, using a modified version of the Rigify rig.

there was a version of jiggly armature also not sure if this is the right one still looking for the old post. (88.3 KB)
also I was using 2.79b at the time and pretty sure it was a plugin.

FishSim is an add-on / plug-in, and is available for 2.79 and 2.8.

the one I’m thinking of was being used in a snake model and animation with the side to side motion , I was thinking just shorten the bone chain, I was doing human models and some animal but was using the armature and jiggle bone for human movement,but I will keep might work to rotate the jiggle armature to a side to side orientation as the head run a short bone chain and use jiggle bones in the up and down orientation for the fins .

Those are beautiful sculptures, btw-- I almost missed it, thinking about something else.

I tried my hand at making a carp in Blender, but that was a long, long time ago. It wasn’t a terrible model. In hindsight, the rig I made for it was terrible. If I had to do it over again, I would probably do it with an armature->dynamic mesh deform, which would make it easier to follow a curve or do anything I wanted with it. Armature would just be for details like the fins, eyes, maybe a tail tweak, while the mesh deform would make the overall shape of the body.

will do thanks never know what might comein handy , most of my thing is human and four legged animals
in this case lion rigs for a Sky-rim project I’m working on .and agreed the fish sculptures are awesome .