Trying to set the "Origin to selected" on multiple objects

Hello, I’m trying to scale all these leaves down to match the reference image.

I’ve separated all the leaves into individual objects and selected the area I want the origin to be set to.

If I choose set “origin to selected” it does not give me the result Im trying to get (last image as an example how I’m trying to get all the objects.)

Maybe I’m having a brain fart but I can’t seem to figure this out, or if there is a better way to scale all the leaves down like the reference image that would be super helpful.

very good question, don’t know correct way, but have an idea. Maybe proportional editing with some additional settings will help?
I’ve tried to emulate your situation and looks like proportional editing with default settings work fine for me. You can adjust proportion by mouse wheel while scaling.

Thank you, a shame it doesn’t seem to be possible to do what I was imagining but your method got it close enough that it should work thank you.