Trying To Use Motion Tracking To Skew My Background?

So this might sound funny, but I’m trying to USE IOR on a clear object a plane that motion tracks a video clip of my face. This would make my face look goofy almost like it’s behind a magnifying glass.

I’m able to do all of the motion tracking etc. but when I set material to the plane it appears like a black sort of semi-transparent object that does nothing else to the background light behind it.

For example using this guy’s video blow:

He is using motion tracking to make it seem like he is holding a monkey. I am using this same process and node layout with alpha over, but if I were to set the monkey to a glass type material with IOR it doesn’t skew anything behind it. What am I doing wrong?

You’ll need to do one of two things:

  1. Use the background color and transmission passes to figure out where in the camera view the glass refracts to, then swap a warped version of the video footage in using those coordinates.

  2. Place an actual plane behind the monkey that shows the video in the proper position relative to the camera.