Tube/hose with fixed length

Long time lurker, first time poster. Thought i’d ask if anyone has any tricks up there sleeve to solve the following issue.

I’m trying to create a tube/hose with a another tube inside for a “filling of tube” effect.
All is well and I can create and animate it, except for one small but annoying detail.

I can not seem to find a good (simple) way to keep the hose/tube length fixed. When I move one of the ends, the whole tube becomes shorter. I’m using two bezier curves with bevelling (and hooks for animation control in object mode) to achieve what I want.
Does anyone have a good solution?

Ps. the reason I use curves instead of mesh objects is because I haven’t found another way to create the filling effect as easily.

I don’t see why, whatever it is, modelling “filling the tube” would be hard.

But if you really want, you can create a curve and give it a curve modifier targeting a different curve. That original curve-- which can be just a single straight segment, not curved at all-- will retain its length, exact same as a mesh object with a curve modifier.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will try it out.
I’m not a total novice using Blender, but the thing is that there is usually 10 or more ways of achieving similar results. And after watching perhaps 50 Youtube-videos I haven’t been able to find anyone demonstrating exactly this solution.
I have tried a lot of different solutions, but your answer seems to be the best bet atm!