tuhopuu and mesa.dll

I triied a build of tuhopuu and a copy of mesa.dll in my tuhopuu folder, because I have geforce mx44o, and it was incredibly slow. Changing menus, opening up, everything was very sluggish. Im dying to try this tuhopuu with the shadow feature, but I havent found any latest builds for windows at testing builds forum, and I dont know if I have the latest mesa.dll. please link any new builds for tuhopuu for windows and mesa.dlls so I can see why its sluggish. Thanks

mesa IS sluggish, you graphics card doesn’t do any work

[latest mesa dll build of mine, shouldn’t have other requriements]

as for tuhopuu build, look in the testing forum on blender.org [as usual]

also, it appears mesa doesn’t support GLSL [but it does support the shadow extension]