Tuhopuu style wave modifier

Does anyone remember the old Tuhopuu/Tuhopuu2 branch of blender?
It used to have a “boat object” field in the wave effect. I was wondering if the code for the boat/wave modifier is still floating somewhere around out there on the internet.


Check out https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/tuhopuu/trunk/tuhopuu2/ .

here you Go:

i might be mistaken, but isn’t this possible now with current blender also?

that said… go tuhopuu!

glad to see this one mentioned again, i was wondering about the whole thing only couple of days ago… (if we need one)


thanks guys :slight_smile:
nice to see that splash again lol

Ok… after looking at the source here (https://svn.bender.org/svnroot/tuhopuu/trunk/tuhopuu2/) I can’t seem to find the actual code for the effect. any ideas?