Tulip&wine in render cicles

Original model “Tulip & Wine by Rio” Rendering scene in cicles, 1000 passes


Nice to see a Yafaray scene made in Cycles!
I’m currently trying to reproduce a fairly nice Yafaray scene in Cycles but i simply can’t make it as nice as in Yafaray.
I have an old computer and no Cuda graphic card so all Cycles renders takes way longer than the Yafaray renders.

Some scenes are perfect for Cycles and others better in Yafaray.
Things that makes me crazy is the direct visual result you have with cycles for material and lights compared to the “make some settings and hope it will be fine in Yafaray”
But still… for most indoor arch-viz Yafaray really shines, but it comes at a high cost of trial and error… tweak some settings and render… twek some more and render… all that takes forever while cycles gives you instant feedback on settings.
I love Cycles and will absolutely keep using it as it will get better and better, but for indoor arch-viz i think Yafaray will be my main choice even though it requires way more test renders., it simply makes beautiful renders.

david82, take this the right way… you’re scene looks great converting from Yafaray… but compared to Yafaray it looks flat and dull.
This shows how hard it is to convert a scene made for one render to another.
You’ve done a great job getting the scene to work in Cycles.

Getting Cycles extended with some photon mapping is probably to much to wish for :stuck_out_tongue:

great work :wink:

The Yafaray one is a lot more saturated too. I’ve leveled this up lately a lot - Yafaray does produce good renders and better than Cycles, but especially for interiors - it’s the Photon Mapping vs Path Tracing issue I think. But like Jakerlund said its the production in Cycles that makes it so much easier. Getting a live preview makes all the differnece and at the same time, there are so many settings to take care of in Yafaray and you won’t know it’s right until its finished rendering the scene.

But great to see a comparison, we need more :wink:

Great work, and useful comparison. Cycles is a win for fast production tasks, though really not yet on a par with other engines.

Thanks, sorry for my English I speak Spanish. I love all that is interior design. This suite is becoming more powerful and with this rendering engine “cycles” can do interesting things, I also use Yafaray, but for faster things I prefer cicles. Respect my machine does not need many resources in my case I have a Core 2 Duo with 6GB of ram and a 8600GT gRAPHICS CARD OC, as operating system use ubuntu linux 64bitt that gave me better results than on Windows 7 64.

Another render improved


Wow, that’s much better than the first one!
Did you render it differently or did you do more editing in Gimp/PS?
Good job!

Cool conversion and great shaders! Much better then the first render!

My critics and observations in no particular order:

Do not get me wrong, the scene has already incredible detail and strenght a. I’m just comparing the two images(cycles and yafaray http://www.yafaray.org/phpBB3/download/file.php?id=5578&sid=10f2f720dcb26c10b834121ac7a372db&mode=view ) to help improve the (already excellent) conversion!

As usually sorry for my bad english


Thanks, all I did was increase the values ​​of light and add the folder, there was no postproduction.
regarding sparazza, thank you very much for your constructive critic it helped me a lot , was something I saw on the forum of yafaray and I found it interesting do something similar in cycles