hello just wanted to share,

car model is really old!! from 2007 maybe 2008, first car i modeled every (in maya:ba:), tunnel is modeled in blender:D,

rendered with vray:spin:


? why are the balls there?

Good question. At first, on the thumbnail, I didn’t notice that the cars where empty shells without a driver. (Coffee… not… kicked in… yet.) I thought that you added the shiny balls with some camera tracking work. All this to say that they totally distract the viewer for the wonderful work of lighting and texturing you made in this tunnel.

good question, maybe aliens took over the world, and they look like this mirrorballs, and they LOVE beetles, so they re-opened the beetle factories in mexico, and forced all human beings who survived, to build beetles for them … it’s as simple as that :rolleyes:

that sounds reasonable, thanks for clearing that up. nice work :slight_smile:

Nice render! If there weren’t mirror balls and the cars had some motion blur I would have never guessed it was fake. The road looks fantastic!