Hi guys!!
Just want to introduce you to one of my last creation. After a few weeks of modeling, re-modeling, rigging and re-rigging here it is - Turbos. A military robot with self-control abilities.
He can already walk and do some other things ( one of them you will see below )
At this stage Im working on the story line and busy creating effects for my film.
Will work on the textures later.

(Update) Plus the animation of his transformation:

Later updates: Turbos (UV)


Looks pretty darn good. Can we see a small animation?

Sure :slight_smile: Will post the animated transformation.

ok now i want to make a mech goes off to model a mech

very nice. Love the details. Lighting is awesome, AO i’m guessing. quite creative conceptually. Can’t wait to see that anim

great. i want to see it with some rusted metal texture and wirings

I had an idea of him being rusty, I even have a rendered picture of it , but then I thought its a military robot (they are usualy taking care of an expensive machine ) and its on the mission. So I was thinking to give it grey camouflage color with some bulet scratches and dents on it.

Also struggling to make a cables rights…I went through some tutorials with curves, but it didnt work.
I have an idea how to make it myself, by IM SURE there are easier ways to do that.

Ok guys! Here is a few sec of animation of him transforming.

Oh my god thats awesome!!! brilliant animation and i just love the mech anyway! dont let this thread die, i want to see this robo go all the way.

Consider it done :slight_smile:

Incredible. Good luck on your materials. I was very impressed by your animation. I did a smiliar one… after seeing Transformers I wanted a desktop analog alarm clock to turn into a robot. I had a bit of fun with it. Good job on yours!


vova! can you please give tips on how to make a mech that cool! i really want to make on now but i keep failing! see!


That animation is seriously impressive.

Thank you guys!! That really makes me feel that I’m not waisting my time here. Will try to keep you updated as much as I can.

About your mech <<iliketosayblah>>…I wouldn’t call it a falure. Very nicely done. Of course that would be easier for me to give you any advice if I would have any idea about how your mech will move, but as far as I can see, I can tell you next:
For a better look, you can change the lamp on your scene on hami and set its energy to about 0.4. Then turn on AO with 1.5 energy on it. That must give you the same result as mine.

About the mechanics…I prefere to make something that makes sense. If on the most of your animation you can explane where is a part came from and where it goes to, or why is this robot walks that way and not the other way…then your mech is seccessfuly done.

I dont know its just my opinion. Hope you can use it

yea i can try that…hope i get somthing even a fraction as cool as turbos! :wink:

Dude if that was any more awesome… well I don’t know. Anyway love the animation. When the guns are hidden are they in a place where they could be if it was real or or they just kinda shoved into the mesh somewhere?

Keep up the good work.

No…they are all in place :slight_smile: I made it as more accurate as I could.

Now all you need to do is texture the dude and you have my 5* until then 4*.

woa! can you post up the animation of him walking? also, how many vert is he?