Turbosquid checklist - how do i prepare my model for selling at turbpsquid?

Could not find this info at turbosquid and decided to create here a checklist, so that everyone can look and check requirements for his/her model.
Here is what i’ve learned so far:

01 Model’s scale.
Real world scale recommended.

  1. Mesh requirements.
    Quads only - for animation.
    Quads and triangles - for static models, but quads only is more preferable.
    Trangles only - ?

03 Texture size.
At least 2K, i belive.

  1. Texture format.
    TGA or PNG? I belive it is TGA.

Hope that you can edit and correct my list.

UPD: Just find this :wink:
I guess tipic can be closed :wink:

I have often wondered, what about offering a model in low and high resolutions(textures also respectively)?
Can be used closeup or in a distance.
Just wondering if this has merit for selling assets


No need. Mipmapping handles that.

I discovered terrible truth. ©
Turbosquid only sertify theese file formats

1.3.2 File formats eligible for inspection are:

  • 3ds Max (.max)
  • Cinema 4D (.c4d)
  • LightWave (.lws)
  • Maya (.ma, .mb)
  • Softimage (.hrc, .scn)
    So, unless Blender is able to export in one of theese formats without errors, no blender artist can have checkmate sertification for his/her models at turbosquid.com

And also, you must be member of some SquidGuild. I guess it is paid membership or something.