TurboSquid: Worth it?

I’ve noticed on turbosquid that most models are highly priced, even for simple models. Do people really buy things off of turbosquid often? I’ve been thinking about creating an account and selling some stuff for extra cash flow but I’m not sure if it’s worth it. :eek:

I think yes :wink:
not sure but i think i read in blender gurus tut. That u dont even need an account to sell stuff there. Does anybody know if it is really necessary to texture stuff to sell it there?

Yea just ask 3dMedieval he told me that in just march he made $256 off of turbosquid. But is it worth it to buy it? I don’t think so some of that stuff is REALLY high priced but sometimes there can be some free stuff that looks like it is good enough quality to be high priced.

I buy off of there occasionally, but i only look at reasonably priced stuff (5 - 20 dollars) i won’t pay too much for anything.