Not really sure where I could’ve posted this, so I chose off-topic :P. I have a few questions about Turbosquid that I couldn’t really find on the website.

  1. Is there an age limit to selling stuff on here(I’m only 15)? They didn’t say anything about it when I became a member…

  2. Is there anyway to view my obj files so I can make sure the textures are with it?

  3. Could I just upload blend files instead of anything else?

  4. They said something about tax forms once you make over $600 or something. What’s that all about?

  5. Do I make a new folder for each blend file I want to sell or just use folders to put all my blend files in (like organizing)?

  6. What percent do they take? Like, if made $10 off a file, how much of that would I get?

That is all the questions I have now… please answer :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Is it absolutely necessary to include a turntable animation?

  2. Exactly how many pictures do I have to take OF the object?

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I’d recommend pm’ing someone who has dealings with turbo squid with your questions… 3dmedi (mod for the game engine forums… maybe)

What was the tax form 1099? What ever is is its no big deal . they will send you how much you made at the end of the year and you file . If you plan to get really rich 100,00 0.00 =save about half for the .gov . As for your age go and make as much as you can. 10.00 to about 7000.00 self employed you pay between 10 and 20 %. Do you have a wife and children ? No ! Tax table changes so go to IRS and see tables for 2011 ( .gov ).
Dont quote me

I’ll see what i can answer:

  1. im your age and i havent had any problems, although i havent gotten a paycheck YET (it should get sent today actually).
  2. what i do when uploading models is i make a .zip folder with the .obj, .mtl and any associated textures. i also compress the .blend files, makes managing large models easier.
  3. theoretically…but few people use only blender. .obj files are best i think.
  4. dunno about tax info.
  5. if you use the publisher you should figure it out…
  6. the site gets 60 percent (yes, i know its obscene but there is a lack of competition, so deal with it). if you sign an exclusivity contract they will only take 50 percent.
  7. no
  8. no minimum, but more is better.

I don’t think this is a forum that you can sell stuff here! Even the forum dosen’t limit the age!

@Edge138 Its 4am and I need to go to bed but to answer a few questions quickly, There is not a set age limit that I know of, BUT, you will need to provide tax payer information if you are in the United States or EU and unless you are 18 or older or are 16 and have worked and therefore have a TPI then I am not 100% sure how you would go about providing this information. In terms of how much they take, they have a teir system. If you are new they will take 60% and if you have $10,000 in sales they will take 40% I think, or if you are an affiliate they will take 50%. If profit is your goal, unless you are just really busting models out left and right that people want to buy, go with gumroad. At least that way you won’t have your pockets shaken out. Not bashing turbosquid at all, it is a great platform, but you have to be very active and provide quality content that people not only want but things that are in demand. Otherwise the notification that you mad $6 today gets old quick, especially when your hourly rate is $55 an hour.

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I recommend sketchfab. If your model cannot pass quality control on sketchfab, then you probably need to work on your skill rather than marketing.

What the hell? Serioiusly? That is absurd.

You’re necro-posting; this topic is 10 years old.

Haha would you look at that. I don’t remember what made me see the thread but I think I followed a chain and landed here and thought it was more recently relevant :joy: