Turbulent portal - how would you make it in Blender ?

Just saw this:

and I am wondering how would you make something like that in Blender with particles and smoke ?


Anyone? :frowning:

Can someone please advise ?

Hm, probably with point density and turbulence-vortex field. I haven’t tried it because I have very slow CPU for volume shaders.

I played around with this. Never could get the nice wavy look. I’m sure it’s possible though. In the viewport it looked decent ,but when you go to render didn’t look that great.

Looks like that you have to create 1 circle and make it wavy, duplicate it and then applied a particle system for part one.

Thanks for ideas folks.

What’s “point density” ?

Also, what kind of settings for smoke should I use to achieve the look? (I am sure I’d need to add motion blur too)