Turn animation

(munkey_mike) #1

When I rotate a character, he just rotates, looking kind of “robotic” as opposed to “organic.” I suppose some kind of turn animation would remedy this, but have no idea of how it would look. Does anyone have a .blend file with a character with turning animation or links to an animation guide?

(Blender_owl) #2

there is a really cool sword fighting game with nice animations, but i cant find it, if i do ill be sure to send it to you

(wiensta) #3

why dont you just turn and look what ur doin, or ask sum1 to do it 4 ya.

(munkey_mike) #4

Sadly, I can’t turn, I lost my legs when fighting in the Vietnam War… just joking. I tried looking at myself turning and just got dizzy from all the spinning and passed out so that didn’t work out. As for asking others to do work on my stuff, that’s out of the question. Would Picasso ask someone to finish off one of his paintings? Would Poe ask someone to write a line of one of his poems?

(saluk) #5

No, he means ask someone ELSE to turn and YOU watch how it looks. Many famous painters used painted models who were in the pose they were painting:)

(Riskbreaker) #6

If you’ve got a webcam, record yourself turning, save as avijpeg codec and then add it as a texture on a plane. then try and mimic it with armatures (with no mesh…just to see basic skeletal movements).

If you dont want to do that…I have a motion capture script for blender…dont know where i got the damn thing from nor do i know how to use it. If anyone remembers about it or where the “How to” page is, I’d really like to know.