turning blender into a SDNA database management software !

Hi everybody,
At the time we are discovering the next blender level, many question appear about the engine.
(hope you will understand my french speaking ;))

right, i will explain more:
as i see the blender internal structure of the object oriented database, i can imagine that the engine (blender) is supposed to provide a set of tools for some other usage !

i like very much how blender can show the levels of the properties for an object, i think that can be applied to other topic than 3D animation !?

i’m looking at the moment at a software able to manage large database of contents (texts, medias,…) with a DNA structure like.

In a case that we can use blender for this use, where can i find the info to hack blender of redefine the internal sys. ?

of course, i suppose that i can code in python the needed functionnalities but even if i do that, do you think i will come to that?

For me, the new blender seems to be a development plateform for any kind of toolset!
and i’m very excited about it !

i’m a blender user and trainer but my work is open to manage data also in my environment…wich is a school. so my question has a sens of practical use.

thanks to read this and if you have some advice, you’re welcome!

if you know about a software that can also do that job, thanks to give me a link!
best regards


Just thinking maybe standard database software (open source) would be more appropriate to what you’re looking at: MySQL or PostgreSQL (?)

Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding the intent…

However, taking blender into new directions is always cool… heck, they did it with desktop publishing once! (and if you’re looking for a project, why not pursue a full blown video NLE? the world needs a good one! :smiley: )

JesterKing have been working on something similar… donno if it still under development…

The Python + Sqlite3 seems for me quite the ideal tools for database development thinking the needs of Blender as a end-user program. The documentation goes here.