Turning off GLSL Shaders

Please, can someone tell me, how to REALTIME(or with restarting game) can I “INGAME” turn off shaders in GLSL(some script with saving should be very very good).
Or how to turn off shaders on selected objects(maybe script, it should be done after game launching so saving isnt important)

all you have to do is use the

Rasterizer.setGLSLMaterialSetting() function via python

setGLSLMaterialSetting(setting, enable)

              Enables or disables a GLSL material setting.


  • enable (boolean)
  • setting (string (lights, shaders, shadows, ramps, nodes, extra_textures))


Rasterizer.setGLSLMaterialSetting(“shaders”,False) turn off shaders

Thanx, but this is only for one object or for full scene?
That script didnt need any other lines, just this one?

i belive Rasterizer module to be imported.
And it works for the entire world not for a single object.
may be direct open gl programming via BGL module might do the trick,not sure about that one,it’s advanced programming.:smiley:

It should be did realtime, right?(this is only question for me :smiley: ) Thank you very much !!!

and it would be better to use GameLogic.globalDict to save the GLSL Settings (thats how they did it in game yo frankie )

simple save_loader

save_loader.blend (128 KB)

co-ordinate these logic tricks and you’ll get what you want.