Turtle: a future actor in short film

Hi everybody,
Any sugestions how to improve this turtle? I feel like modelling is finished and now I’m up to rigg it. Once in a while this turtle get’s a starring role in a short, so I try not to forget anything and do everything right;-)
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That turtle is just awesome - mind if I ask for you to post a sample of the script ?

The turtle appears friendly and wise. And from the smirk I think he will do fine with some medium speed not normal for a turtle!

Update: I made some changes concerning eyes and mouth. Unfortunatelly still missing: teeth. Luckily I found out that some of our neighbours own a (real) turtle, so I will try to catch an eye on its mouth soon!
The script is still under heavy development, but the story will surely involve an old transistor-radio and perhaps some reference to the moon-landing! But I did not yet start drawing a storyboard…


the overall model looks pretty good, i do see a few things i’d adjust tho:

the edges of the shell and mouth (and i guess the eyelids too) appear to be really thin, almost as if they’re made of of thick paper/cardboard. you might thicken them some. another thing is i can see some slight blockyness around some of the curves, you should throw another level of subsurf on there. the eyeball looks like it’s coming out of the socket a little, might scoot that back in there.

the story sounds interesting :smiley: a turtle, a radio, and the moon landing. should be entertaining to see how they are involved together.