Turtle Game! (Finished and UPDATED!!!!)

Hello All,
This game I have been working on for quite a while now. Thanks to some input from the people on this forum the game has improved alot. Thanks to all the helped. =)

The game was modeled, textured and programed by me. =) The textures came from all over the place so I don’t know who to thank…if you do see your image…Thank you!!!

Main Description:
Play alone of with a friend this game is fun for every one! Go around the map collecting speed boosts and gaining lives. This game was modeled and programed in an open-source 3D creation tool, Blender.

This game is about a Turtle who has always wanted to be fast! Well he is really close! He needs your help. He found out that if he collects the special lightning shaped pickups he can be SUPER FAST!!! Help the Turtle race up the hill, using speed boosts and trying not to get hit by any of the dangerous things in the game world. Avoid spikes, fire balls and electric fences in this race to the top of the mountain.

Screen Shots Section:

This Image is just a basic image that shows some game play.

This and the rest of the images after are all placed on the mountain. This image is of the Turtle getting spiked.

This is one of the Electric Fences that are on top of the mountain as a trap. As I was taking the screen shots I decided that i would get one of my being electracuted.

This one took quite a while to get because I had to time it exactly so that I would get the right shot. This shot is right before the end flag at the top of the mountain.

This Screen shot took quite a while because I had to time it just right. The fire balls move very quickly.

To download the game follow the link to my website. There you can browse any games that I have posted. Just browse the games section and download the Turtle Game.

Note: Just a quick note, the game is full of bugs and things like that, which I unfortunately, haven’t gotten around to fixing yet. :o I am pretty sure that the one player version works though.


Happy Video Gaming!!!

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Please be Nice! :yes:

Nice :smiley: i would just add more graphics if i were you :stuck_out_tongue: but its awsum

Nice i would just add more graphics if i were you :stuck_out_tongue: but its awsum

Thank you so much for the comment! What would you like me too add?

sweet i played it. I never go to the end tho :frowning:

sweet i played it. I never go to the end tho

Haha. Really??? Is it hard?
I had posted a different version before and people said that it was too easy…so i made it harder.

just testing…

lol nah, i just spazzed on the boost when trying to go up hill, and flew off the edge and into the lava :frowning:

That was an amazing idea for a game, and the gameplay was awesome too! 2 thumbs up!

haha. Thanks guys!! I actually found allot of bugs in the two player version. I need to find and fix them. Thanks for the comments though!!

I never tried two player so I didn’t notice.

The link is broken.

Oh yeah. Sorry about that! :o I actually stopped using webs a long time ago. Now I have sunjay-varma.com I will update the link in the real post.

Check if the talkback cable is firmly plugged in to both sides (controller and headset). If it’s not in all the way, you can have problems like this. If that’s not the problem, then try another controller because sometimes the jack on the controller wears out and doesn’t make good contact.

If neither of these are the problem, then you may have a bad talkback cable. You can get a new one at this link:

:confused: What?

wow …

thanks for the news dude …

i just love to play games …

it looks like 3d.is it?looks like very interesting.

3D? Of course it is. :wink:

			 This game is really difficult but it's IMO one of the best platformers on the NES. I also love the dam mission. The music is great.    				 I have been a huge Turtle fan since I was a little kid. I like how the look of the game echoes the original comics, like how the box art is taken from one of the original comic book covers with the turtles all wearing red masks.


I don’t think you are talking about my game at all…

not where the link can download mirrors