Turtle Game!!!!!

–Thread Update–
Thanks to some very useful comments I made an almost complete update to the game. The Boosts are faster and the goal is farther away. Also, I added a pause feature. Just press “P”. Frankly, I think the game is much better now. :slight_smile:

Ps. Same as always you can download it off of the games section of my website: Link

Original Game File is Here
And also make sure that you have blender or the game will not play. :slight_smile:

I finally finished my turtle game!!! I probably should have posted a work in progress thread…:wink: oh well…

This game is based off of simply a turtle. i made a simple low-poly turtle when i was bored. Then i made its skeleton and i made the game. When i was making the game I realized that for the turtle to be fast i would have to add some kind of speed boost.
Speed Boosts:


The Goal of the game is to get your turtle up the hill as fast as possible.

The hill is impossible to climb without the use of the speed boosts. This game is one and two player.

Press “P” to Pause.

To download the game just go to my website, to the games links. There i will continue to post games that i make in blender. =)

Website: (Download link can be found here. Note: Blender is needed to play the game.)


This is for the people who would like the original blend:

The blend is being released under the GNU General Public License

The Blend can be found here

No offense, but it’s not terribly exciting. Much too slow-paced for my taste. (I gathered around 70 speed boosts, but still felt like I was moving much too slowly… gathering more than that just didn’t seem worth it) At that pace health is unnecessary, as you have so much time that collision is the least of your problems. If you remake the path to be twisty and gave your character sonic-type speed (as opposed to turtle speed) it would be cooler.
Also, the camera tracking actuator sucks when that close. I recommend placing the camera behind the player and slow parenting it to the player. (http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Blender3D/SlowParent/SlowParent_Quick.html)

Hehe I like it, I don’t agree this is hilarious. With some cartoon music and not so gray rainy textures this could have been a really nice fun game to play. The hill is a bit too long maybe? And it would be funnier if you could lick your opponent which will stun him for like 20 seconds. lol good job! :smiley:

EDIT: Or better yet, fart him in the face. And game over lol. THat would be epic. You can wither run around collecting boosts or you can try to fart the other turtle in the face hahahahh. Dude please make a sequel!

How can I see the .blend, the map is very interesting… :slight_smile: If you can’t give me the .blend can you tell me how you made it?

I think the hill is too long and it takes too long to get the power ups :\

Nice other then that :wink:

Zarnik–>Haha. i like your ideas. thanks for the comments. i knew the hill was too long. i just really didnt want it to be too short…so i made it really long.
Almost—> Thx for the feedback. i agree with the camera comment. and thank you for the tutorial i couldent find out how to do that anywhere. i will improve the game.

linkxgl–> Thanks for the comment. The turtle model i made, actually, completely by accident…i was messing with spheres one day and kinda just made the shell…then when i realized that it looked like a turtle shell i decided to make the rest of it. I scaled down a cube and then i used the “Subdivide Smooth” technique. After i had the basic under belly of the Turtle i simply extruded his legs, head and tail until i was satisfied. That completed the simple low poly turtle. =)
Turtle Shell:

Turtle Body:

The rest of the game was basically just me testing and adding things…

If you really want the blend file i can definatly give it to you.

This file is being released under the GNU General Public License

Download the Blend Here:


lol, I was talking about the map that shoed the finish line, the hill and the character as an arrow, but I saw what you did and the script. Would you mind if I used it? Also, make the hill less steep and make it so your able to get power-ups on the way up :wink: I actually cheated on the game (sorry) and put it 300 speed boots, and it took me 216 boots to get up 0.o, make the hill less steep and the game will be much funner :wink:

Haha…i dont mind if you cheated i put in a cheat just for me anyway. are you talking about the viewports script? you can use any of the scripts but i would advise editing for your own games. =)

When i played it took me 168 speed boosts.
By the way i updated the game play it now its alot easier. LIKE ALOT! but the speed boosts are faster and the length to the end is longer.

only 46 boosts! and used i forgot…Here’s an idea. Game is pretty easy if you just take your time and collect all the speed bonus, you should add like a timer. Or, maybe make the speed bonus collecting part a mini game, then after the timer runs out go to the next stage and try and see if the boosts you collected could get you up the hill. And at the up hill part, you lose when you run out of boosts. And at the mini game part you lose when time runs out. Idk just think it could add a little bit more to the game :smiley: Or maybe ou could add these features on Turtle Game 2! Anyways, good job on a finished game!

philman–> thanks for the comment. I also thought that the game was too easy. im thinking of adding some more modes like coop and other stuff. i also thought of the timer thing and will be doing that too. thank you again for the feed back. =)

I saw your turtle… It’s not very good =X

I modeled a quickie for you. If you want I can rig and animate for you…

Feel free to use it, no need to give me credit…

meh, won’t upload the blend, PM me if you want it.


Haha. I liked my turtle!!! But your right yours is really good! xD I think ill stick with my modal. Thanks for the Idea!

Sorry i spelt model wrong…its model…

Um, dude, please use the edit button instead of posting a new post… This will prevent un-nessary bumping… :wink:

thats a tortoise not a turtle D:

Well, that’s fine too!

I’m adding my turtle to my model pack… I’ll add GLSL to it also :wink:

If ANYONE wants it, here’s the GLSL version of the turtle… pretty elite for being a non-modeler? (I’m a programmer)


btw, edit button is left and right next to the quote button ;D

And killer, maybe you can make your own topic XD Coz that is a pretty sweet looking turtle :open_mouth: Isn’t there like a blender resource forum? o.O

And i wonder how coop will play like in this kinda game XD Mind enlightening us with this coop mode? Maybe share some future features if you are gonna add more features to this game or if you are gonna make a sequel :smiley:

Sweet game! I agree with philman on making collecting the power in a minigame. You should also add enemies where if you bump them you loose power. Otherwise, great game! Keep it up!


And killer, maybe you can make your own topic XD Coz that is a pretty sweet looking turtle :open_mouth: Isn’t there like a blender resource forum? o.O

The reason I posted here, was incase he wanted it… then after I made it GLSL I was reoffering it to him…