Started a new project.

The body is just a rough draft, needs a bunch of topology work in the shoulder area.

Upper body finished…

looking good so far. only thing i notice is his stomach area looks kinda funny from the side view where his ‘waist’ is. it kind of looks like a pregnant lady. good luck with the turtle shell! :slight_smile:

Yes, so far so good. I also noticed it as I saw your work, try to adjust the stomach part. The stomach level is a little bit lowered from the side view.


Pretty much finished with the body – still have some little tweeks to do here and there.

Oh, and forgot his tail it seems…

By “Turtle” I assume you mean “Koopa”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good.

it looks good, it is a human with a turtle head. For a funnier character, i would have made it fatter, with shorter limbs

cute :slight_smile:

wait for update :wink:

isn’t he going to receive a shell?

I really like the proportions! It is very cute. Good work.