Tuscan Sketch

Transparent PNGs fun


These are so wonderfully clever! Love what you do, @paulobrabo - nice!! :+1:

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Thank you, Daffydd! Stylized can be fun too!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you for this, Bart! Coming from 2D illustration I feel still have so much to learn, but Blender has already given me many hours of wonder and fun.

I’m not sure I’ll be ever able to draw in 2D again, and I blame you guys!

Have a great weekend yourself!

Cheers from a Brazilian in Milan


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I love your artwork.

Glad you like this, Masato. Your work is amazing as well!

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What an original and well-executed idea! A landscape entirely composed of elipses! What really makes these shots work is your careful choice of colors and how you’ve arranged them next to one another.

What a fun Blender Movie such a thing might be! Mmmmm…? :smiley:

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