Tutor for blender for 3d printing?


I am trying to learn how to use Blender to prepare 3d scans and models for printing. I have watched a bunch of online videos and followed various tutorials, but this is not really working for me.

I would like to hire a tutor to show me how to prepare 3d models for printing.

I’m hoping to pay around $30/hr. I think we would meet 2-3 times, and/or could schedule additional meetings as needed.

If you are interested, please share your portfolio. I’m also looking for someone who’s fluent in English and available during the weekdays (GMT-7 9am-4pm). We would meet over zoom.

Thank you!

Welcome Ainla!
Sadly, your rate is too low for me, but I can offer some free pointers.

Solidify is my go-to modifier for 3D print jobs. That way the mesh doesn’t even need to be manifold (though it does need to have consistent normals). You may want to try downloading and importing a few models from Thingiverse first, though they are not always the highest quality.
I like to make a placeholder vertex group with no members, and then assign it to the “Shell” in the solidify modifier, and then run an aggressive “Weld” modifier to cull the inside details that you don’t care about. Then you can use an offset modifier to thicken it more. Alternate weld and offset to keep the “insides” from poking out of the external print surface.
All the best luck with your prints!

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