Tutor - Rigging, Animating & Polish ($30 USD - $70+ USD/hr depending on portfolio/experience).

Hi there! I’m an Unreal Engine Developer looking to create and use my own assets. I currently have a 3D character modelled in blender. I’m looking to professionally rig and animate him with 5-6 animations. I’ve currently been using rigify.

I’m pretty confident with the Blender → Unreal pipeline, but any experience in that regard is a huge bonus.

I’m willing to negotiate and potentially pay more than my price range for someone with industry knowledge, professional portfolio, and very experienced unreal engine skill-set.

This would be 1 hour a week, 4 times a month for the foreseeable future.

I have experience using tutors in the past and have found Zoom to be the best for Video chatting and screen sharing. So that would be preferred.

Aside from that, just looking for someone that is relatively chill and reliable.



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