Tutorial: Concept Drawing for Success

All right you guys, if you’re serious about making visuals of any kind, you should check out this new tutorial I just wrote:

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about some common mistakes made in concept design and a powerful concepting tool called thumbnailing.

Now, next time I tell you that your work looks “uninspired”, not only will you know what I mean, but you’ll know how to fix it.

Skimmed through, looks pretty interesting!

That’s a very nice tutorial. Why did you hide it in Game Engine Resources? :confused:

Great tutorial…I learned a lot and I hope others who read it do as well. I expect, or atleast hope, we’ll start to see some more unique and “fresh” game art soon.

| Sanguine |

because this is the correct place to put it?

You’re right. I wasn’t thinking. Now it can share time between GE Resources and Tutorials.