Tutorial Conversion

Being fairly new to Blender I’ve been going thru the Tutorials, which are great, learning the interface and where things are located. Having used other packages I was wondering what was the feeling on converting a Maya or lightwave or other package tutorials to a blender tutorial. taking into considerations tools and capabilites of course. Just didn’t want to do it and be breaking a cardinal rule or anything.

You should ask the original tutorial author - as long as they are ok with it and you give them credit for the original tutorial (assuming they want you to credit them), then that should be fine


Excellent point, thanx for the feedback.

Yes there are alot of good tuts out there for other apps. Would be nice to have some converted. Just make sure you know how to use blender and when in doubt ask someone who does. elYsiun is always a very helpful place to ask questions. One thing I would ask whenever possible, use open source tools.

One example: alot of people have photoshop but I always like to see a gimp based tut.

Yea… really nice idea.

There’s a lot of great and detailed tuts of 3ds and maya that can be “ported” to blender.

You could kill 2 birds with one shot, first you will teaching how to “do” things the blender way and second for those who have been using such apps that blender is real alternative.

I like the idea.

Hope to hear more


it would be a good idea to keep a list of workflow stuff that didn’t transfer over well to blender, since those are potential weaknesses.