tutorial: customizable lego-like bricks using arrays

Hi guys

i did a new tutorial, about how to use arrays to create custom lego-like bricks

i wanted to make a spoken tutorial, but a catch a cold, so i did it this way.
i’ll probably re-record it as spoken in a couple of weeks.

hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

what you’ll learn
1- how to use array modifiers
2- how to set modelling sheets and how to use it
3- how to make precise modelling with the edge/face measurements
4- how to make precise loopcuts using numerical input
5- how to use the 3d cursor to set the mesh origin
6- how to not become crazy naming every object
7- how to become crazy even if you’ve named every object
8- something really cool about blender 2.7… ok, not true, i’m using 2.7, but i’m not showing any of the new cool features :frowning: