tutorial/doc blend files: where are they?

Hi all,

I have just started learning Blender , and I find it very intersting and quite gentle on my machine :wink:

I wanted to ask you if there are any blend files that come with the documentationā€¦in fact, there are references to stage1.blend,etc, but no information where to download it


You have to by the manual to get them

Yes, the blend files are on the CD that comes with the purchased manual.

Also, try a Google search for:

-e filetype:blend

That will give you a few thousand .blend files to look at.

you can find the demo blends here:


welcome to blender and elysiun

I think those are only the 2.0 Manual demos and not the ones that come with the 2.3 Manual.

Oops, yeah, sorry, those blend files are for the 2.0 manual. butā€¦ if you are trying to do some of the beginner type tuts you may be able to use these blends - since some the blend files are named the same, they might be the same file- if not, dl the 2.0 maunual and do those tuts to get you started - the ui is different now but you should be able to get the ideaā€¦

Buying the new manual is the best idea thoughā€¦

Thanks chaps for all your infos.

In fact I did a search for ā€œ-e filetype:blendā€, and it did not return a lot of responses, so I guess people prefer to zip them, which is understandable.

On the other hand, I am aware of the 2.0 blend files, I am currently using them, and they seem to be a good start to learn blender.

Buying the book will be an option for me in the next version of the book, something like 3.5! for now I am quite happy with the online docs. Thanks blender!