:: Tutorial :: Human Modeling and Texturing for Games


here we will be discussing the character modelling for games , low-poly characters

we will be Doing which follows

1- modelling a human character from the begining to the end
2- modelling advices for low-poly characters
3- Uvw Mapping
4- Texturing , both painting and texture creation from real images

** rig and animation are not part of the plan now , because they must be improved
a lot …

here goes a humble example of a lowpoly model by me , we will be trying to do something much better … in this thread …





sites i liked , … and the tutorial will be based from some of them but with optimized version as possible



and others …

tutorial files will be hosted in the blender wiki

we may choose a blueprint from google , or i think i will try to make one …
if you have created good blueprint , posting it will be apreciated …

the character which will be described here will be used in the zodiac spear game project … :slight_smile:

i’m waiting for blueprints to build our character on it …

I could try to whip up a simple character design for your blueprints; I’ll get back to you on that after school. you want male or female? both?

both … , and thanks … but try to design the male before :slight_smile:

well, I drew the concept image for the guy… three complaints though:
-crap anatomy
-stuff doesn’t match up between the two views very well
-crap scanner quality

while I’m at it, I may as well make it 4 problems: the arms should have been ad a 45 degree angle, rather than straight down, to come out with a more animate-able model.

so, as a freebie, I threw in a front view of a cyborg chick. there’s no side view (sorry) and she’s the main character for a story of mine, so, while I don’t mind if people use her, credit is more important there.

damn, I should be an advertiser when I get out of school, 'cause I’m so good at selling things XP

[edit] oh yeah, I left the musculature in in the first one (which I did because it helped me get anatomy right- or at least, more so) because you only need one half for modeling anyways- plus, I though the muscle view looked kyewl ^^

and without further ado:


ok , if we didn’t find better blueprint , then we will use the male BP of yours captain


wooooooooooow !

thank you … the Tutorial is very nice …

wooooooooooow !

thank you … the Tutorial is very nice …
welcome to elysiun.com man , the tutorial isn’t finished yet :slight_smile:

edit :- i mean it is not started yet , lol …

ok , we will be using Captain’s reference , … before that , is there any other sketchs ?


I’m waiting …

allright , firstly , this tutorial will be about making a character with the most popular way , box modelling and plan extruding , it is recommended to know some basics from Blender’s wiki before applying this tutorial if you are new …

one of the most common steps is : setting up the BluePrints or reference images
in our case here , we will be using Captain Oblivion’s BluePrint

and it’s a common thing that we notice that it’s not line-ing up in all areas , actually we can
notice that with some horizontal lines with a new layer in the gimp or photoshop .

the shoulders area wasn’t 100 % accurate , so we bear in mind some modifications and altering of it , and the eyes as well .


nice BluePrint :slight_smile:

next , as we have noticed , the eye isn’t represented accuratly now , we need to fix this …
we line them up through the side view and the front view , so we get our model more accuratly modeled , and we bear in mind the right curvature of the eyes from both views to result in a good head , because the eyes are one of the most important parts where the realism is resulted in our head model .

next we will fix the outline of the nose , actually we must eliminate all the thick curves of the blueprint , because we may get confused from which to follow the inner of it or the outer
<in case that the outline is thick>
~ we may alter the shoulders area where it is marked red , making it less stretchy .
and next we will do more alteration with the nose .


as you can see in those two images , we make some improvments …

we define more specific curvature for the head at the ones without lines
and we may define the area where the head will have hair growing

with this image that don’t have Horizontal lines , we get bettr profile for the face , …
and a little bet more convincing front view .


now the eye is represented…
but I found one problem
I will put the problem …
just waiting …

I’m sorry …

i was wrong the blueprint is right

and after establishing and enhancing our reference

we must establish our interface as well

we split our view to see our reference from both sides , front and side


and after that we have splited our view , we will actually put the reference into blender and load it .

we have to make sure that we have the orthographic button enabled for us to see the blueprints …

and after that we load our file , for both views


ok , what then ^_* …

in our model , we will be taking in our considration that we have to stick with a number that represents the rings in our character , where the legs and arms and neck will pop-out from the torso .
commonly we use ( 8 , or 6 ) as a number edges that have a one semi-parallel to each one …
that will not be the way we start our modelling , but this gives us more sharp thinking in the next steps …


nice , continue I’m with you

thanx …