Tutorial on.....?

(Riskbreaker) #1

Can someone out there point me to a tutorial on making a game (preferrably “fighting”), please?
Your probably wondering why i’m asking. Well, 'coz i’ve never tried to make a game in blender before, just thought i’d make one.
I dont need something special, just something i can get started with (health bar, time limit, character animations in realtime, etc)

If you can help, thanx.
If you cant, thanx for reading anyways.

(rav_bhara) #2

there was an excellent game called alley fighter but i only had it is an exe. im sure if anyone had the blend file for it they may give it. if you want the exe for inspiration then I can mail it too you if you like

(ineedanewbi) #3

i made a fighting game a quite a while ago
its called
“Toaster And Hotdog Fight”
well not a great name but it explains the game

heres a screenshot

and heres the .blend file

u can look at the brick logic

hmm… tuturials i know there were lots… and good ones too
unfortuenately i dont know where they went… they just kind of disapeared after NaN became bankrupt

here is the blender database
type in game engine or something

(Riskbreaker) #4

Yeah, that alley fighter was cool.

Oh yeah, i’ve had a play at that toaster and hotdog fight. Hilarious game, that. I actually already have the blend file.

Brick logic? I dont even know what that is.

I’ll have a try anyways.

Thanx for the help

(OTO) #5

Take a look here:


Maybe they 'll be helpfull