Tutorial: Point Density Textures and Moving Force Fields


Hey folks! I created a tutorial on how to set up a point density texture based on one of Nions great effects! It also covers the effect of moving turbulence force fields!

I cant open your site. You know why?

Love your tutorials, they are of great value to me.

I’m glad you like my tuts, MoXX. I don’t know why you cannot access BlenderDiplom - it’s working fine for me…

Site is working fine here too.

Thanks for another great tutorial.

And suddenly it works!
And it´s gooood!
And I´m happy!
And you have to keep ´em comming!

I have a good render coming up, but I can’t get the turbulence field to work! It doesn’t make a bit of difference. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

Great tutorial, though :slight_smile:

Very handy tutorial, thank you very much.
heres a pic:

Hey bongo, whicked!