Tutorial: Sub-D Superhero (upcoming)

Hello fellow Blenders. I haven’t posted for a while in any Blender forums, but with the release of 2.35 I must say I am really impressed with the progress made in Blender. You now have access to directly manipulate sub-divided polygons (its iso-lines / Optimal button toggled on under the Mesh properties). I am working on a tutorial on how to create a high-polygon model by manipulating the iso-lines of a very low-polygon model, and freezing it when the flow and proportions are right.

Current model made in LightWave, head and body seperate, and then merged and mirrored in Blender. 485 polygons. Tutorial will be all Blender.

Instant-Super-Hero, just add water… or was that Catmull Clark…

Download OBJ model: