[tutorial] This time the basics of DupliFrames copies


Sooner or later all these tutorials will interconnect.
They won’t always be so dry : indeed I’ll finish with developping teasers pages to lure the visitor in and then BLAM! : “to learn how to use BevOb extrusion see this tutorial”.


Oh boy : my life is getting short in pills.

Oh, yes : DupliFrames allow to get copies (surprised ?) in lieu of frames when using an animation. Très powerful.

Au revoirrrrrrr!

Yeah!! Go go go !!! Good set of tutorials you have going there…

While you’re at it, downloadable PDFs would be nice à la MadBastard
(Hey, I can ask, no?)

you have a dreadful cursor, IamInnocent…

Yes you can and it wouldn’t be that difficult using HtmlDoc. I wonder if I’d have to remove the background colors though…
I will probably do that (and some administrative work) the day I’m too busted to have an original idea.

More like a dreadful eyesight.

http://membres.lycos.fr/bobois/Tuts/DupliFrames/Modeling/modeling%20with%20duplifames_en_1.html <- no text?


Should read In construction shoudn’t it?
Thought I’d be faster.

OK I’ll add the mention.

hey IamInnocent…

thanks for the great tuts :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Great Tutorials. Thanks IamInnocent!