Tutorial *(Video)*

What software do you use to make a video tutorial??


if you want to make a video tutorial,it wll be better if you add a subtitle,ive hear that american dont like to read subtitles,but sometimes they speek too fast,and i cant see what hot key they press.

or are way to quiet :\

THanks, i looked at them, but it costs money :, so i googled it and found a free one

here it is for someone who needs it

Here you are http://blender3d.org/cms/Miscellaneous.477.0.html. The program he is using cost but it’s fully functional even if you do not pay.

I’ll asume you’re using Linux, so the answer is Xvidcap.

or Wink

Actually I’ve switched to CamStudio. It’s open source now and is available at sourceforge.net. It’s slightly better than FrontCam in a few ways, aside from the fact that it doesn’t put the “Shareware version” on the captured video, and if you go to their download page, you can get the camstudio codec which is actually quite good. That was another reason why I switched. It’s not nearly as good as the TechSmith codec, but better than Microsoft Video 1.

I noticed just now that apparently someone made a revamped version of the program called DemoStudio. Now, I’ve never used it, and I don’t know how it compares, but it might be an option.

ive downloaded demo studio, its good but not THAT easy to use, i dn like the annotation feature that much, i want something thats open already and you just type immediately without having to right click and edit

also, ive noticed that the videos get really big…i saw long videos for a few Kb, how did they do that?

compression magic. tutorial Movies will be much bigger if they have sound, if they dont, there is very little that changes from frame to frame when all a tutorial displays is the same screen with only a couple thousand pixels or less changing per 8th of a second.

Actually, sound doesn’t take up nearly as much room as the video does.

As for compression magic, do a double pass on the compression, fewer keyframes seem to help. I lower the framerate to 15 or 10, which makes a big difference, and then lower the target bitrate as low as possible before it looks too crappy. For an 800x600 video tutorials I shoot for 1MB per minute.

A few KB means it’s a really short video :slight_smile: