Tutors who work on Linux ?

(ChameleonScales) #1

I’d like to find some Blender tutorial makers who work on linux, apart from the guys at the Blender insitute.
Do you know of any ?

I’d like to reach them to discuss the development of a Linux specific screencast tool called screenkey, which may become a better alternative than the screencast keys Blender add-on.

(JohnVV) #2

i do not make tutorials but have been using fedora,OpenSUSE,RHEL , and Debian as my only operating systems since 2005

there really is no “odd” linux only things that i have come across in any tutorial done on MS Windows

installing add ons is about it there is NO C: or D: drive
/usr/share/blender ( if installed from your package manager )

“screenkey” looks interesting what do you find it is better at than the OS built in tools and blenders built in tools

(ReubenX) #3

Sounds like a great idea, specialliy after I found out that blenders default value is to save every frame one by one. But the question is what makes your add-on better than screencast tools like Kazam, Vokoscreen or OBS Studio. I mean they are built for this purpose only. But if you need any help or advice my team is on your side

(ChameleonScales) #4

Screenkey is not a screen recorder but a tool to screencast the mouse and keyboard actions. It’s an alternative to Blender’s “Screencast keys” (not the window recording).
To my knowledge, no Linux distro comes with such a program pre-installed.

There are several practical reasons why screenkey can be a better alternative but the main one is that it is the only such tool who’s development is not discontinued, so any improvement is possible.

(English is not my native language) #5

New versions of Vokoscreen have options to highlight mosue click and show keys.
There is also “KeyMon” screen cast keys program. This is not actively developing, but it works for me. I like it, it does not take up the entire length of the screen and I particularly like “oblivion” theme.
KDE has no screen cast keys function by default, but from the effects you can configure follow mouse effect, and click highlighted with animated circles.
By the way, I have a version of Blender Screen cast key addon that works well. I do not remember if I downloaded it from somewhere, or it is included in testing addons.

Oh, and since you are interested in been tutor from Linux and capture things from the screen, you could try “Peek” too, to especially make quick animated screenshots (GIF, WebM, APNG, MP4).

(ChameleonScales) #6

I know keymon but as you say it’s not being developped anymore, which is why I said screenkey is the only one still being actively developped.
The Blender screencast keys add-on is not included in Blender anymore, even in the Testing category. You can still download it and use it but I find screenkey already better.

Neither does screenkey if you don’t want it to. You can draw a rectangle on your screen or select a window to fit it inside.

It seems I should get a bit into the details of screenkey’s features and why I put my money in it.
I plan to make a full “feature demo” video but for the moment I’ll just show you this short one and explain a few things :

As you can see the screenkey “widget” fits in an area that I determined, the mouse displays not only the different clicks but also the scrolling, and the modifier keys are shown differently to the other keys (they only appear while being pressed, which is better for showing shortcuts)

a few features I didn’t show in this video :

  • you can change the color of both the mouse and the text
  • you can change the color of the background
  • you can change the transparency of the background (even make it disappear), independently of the text and mouse
  • you can change the shape of the mouse any way you like by opening the svg file in Inkscape

And my favorite feature which is planned to be developped is to display the various mouse actions right around the cursor (with different yet easy to understand shapes), so the viewer doesn’t have to make frantic eye movements between the mouse icon and the cursor or miss something and rewind all the time.
This would be especially powerful for blender tutorials, as Blender not only makes extensive use of the various mouse actions but it also has an unusual way of using them, so beginners could really find that helpful when watching the video.

So, does Vokoscreen do that ?

(GottfriedHofmann) #7

I’m interested in this, doing all my tutorials on Linux…

(ChameleonScales) #8

cool ! here’s the thing :
there is this guy zaygraveyard who forked the project and added several features recently. Namely, displaying the modifier keys, displaying the mouse and making the opacity of the background independent of the text. The latter has been merged to master yesterday by the owner wavexx.
Now zaygraveyard is game for developping the “mouse actions around cursor” feature. Are you interested in that feature ?
If so, zaygraveyard would appreciate if we could make a donation for this work. The more people interested, the less we’d have to donate individually.
Also, you can join the discussion here to add your opinion on the details of this feature.