Tux - rigged

Wasn’t sure where to post this, so MOD note, feel free to move it.

A few years ago I found a rigged Tux (Linux mascot) model .blend. At the time, I grabbed it, converted to C4D, and re-rigged. I went on to make several wallpapers (all Tux themed) using that model. This was before I really started using Blender.

Now, I’ve all but abandoned C4D in favour of Blender, and would like to recreate an animation I made, and continue with the wallpapers. Since there was a free Tux model out there, and it had a look I liked, I don’t see the point in recreating it, but damned if I can find it.

In case anyone recognises it, and knows where to find it, here are a C4D wireframe, solid and rendered view.

It’s in blendswap.com. Search for tux. It’s a cc_by so you need to give them credit.

Thanks. That’s definitely not the one, but I can work with it. :slight_smile:

I want this model