TV model


I’m making an old CRT TV model and I don’t know how to do following things. Please note i’m a complete beginner with material nodes.

  • for the screen I want to make a curved glass but it must be transparent so you can see the texture (image) behind it. What material nodes do I need to make in the ‘shading’ tab?

  • above I talked about placing a texture behind the curved glass. Is there a way a video file (that plays in a loop forever) can be used instead of a texture (image) and that can be put on a face of a model?

I need step by step instructions please

Use a glass shader node.
In cycles it will be transparent already.

For Eevee to make glass transparent you have to set the material settings to “Alpha clip” or “hashed” and shadow to “Alpha blend” and check the “screen space refraction” check box.

Also in the render settings enable “screen space reflections” and check the “refraction” check box.

Load the video into an image texture node and plug it into an emission node.
When you load the video into the image texture node you get options for how may frames to lay and there is also a loop checkbox to loop the video.

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This is fantastic!

You also have an idea what node(s) I can use to give the glass a pixelated/old TV look?
It’s now too perfect but i’m already very happy!

I think the glass was very smooth.
I would distort the image.

Some horizontal banding perhaps?

The value node has a driver. In the value node type in #frame this gives you the frame number. The multiply node gives the speed of the banding I found 4.7 to look lovely :rofl:

Those were the days!

Edit: I had a bit more fun with this
I added a bit of flicker and made the large bands increase contrast.
Now it is really starting to look like my old tele!

Sorry its a bit blurry, it is just a screen-cast + video compression.


If you’re interested, users zeroskilz and AlphaChannel posted some really useful info about CRT screen shaders in this thread: CRT Moire Pattern.


How do you make the flicker?

Sorry I thought I this posted a screen shot.

I was going to make a different wave pattern and accidentally plugged the combine xyz into vector instead of location and got flicker! The should be other ways but I just left it as I thought it was OK.

I also added more distortion to the wave texture to get irregular flicker.