TV shows which the best parts are actually fake (real, not fictional)

Two big examples
1). Man vs Wild
What you see - Bear surviving with no assistance in the wild
What you don’t see - His hotel room he sleeps in every night

2). American Idol (almost couldn’t believe it myself)
What you see - The judges making very creative comments and diologue
What you don’t see - The judges rehearsing between showings

On the second part it completely ruins the credibility of the judges and the show, except for the singers everything is fake, the judges rehearsing it means they’re just drones talking the lines they planned to say. They could, at worst, say goodby to many viewers and Idol hopefuls next season and possibly the cancelation of the show.

I don’t want to watch a fake show, the Judges creative, that illusion is shattered.

TV? Scripted? Not real? Say it isn’t so! (Is that naivety I hear breaking?)

Well, it’s really something you don’t want to see on the most popular show in the US. I never really liked the show myself (also noticed that it’s not likely that a judge could think up all that garbage on the spot). Sadly, everyone I know is an American Idol fanboy/fangirl, so they won’t believe it if I show this article.

I think it’s particularly hilarious that Paula made this mistake twice.

No way dude. Bear Grylls could kill a polar bear with his bear hands. And then eat all of it in one meal.
On second, thought he would probably eat it while it was still alive. He is a hardcore mofo.

Anything involving self-professed “psychic” John Edwards. Apparently they record hours of tape then edit out almost all the “misses” (not ALL the misses because they’d end up with a two minute show) so it looks like he does a pretty good job and that makes his cold reads look like psychic power.