I was just playing around with some plugins i found (google is awsome!) and i found a wood plugin, so i decided to make somthin outta wood

You can C&C on things but it was just for fun… my problem is with the floor… its been in every floor ive made, theres these lines i cant make go away.
The floor is perfectly flat, so im not sure what would cause it… (Yes thats the only thing I know that would make it do that… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanke [!]
This also confused me

O-kaaaaaaaaay, could use work

Kansas, construcive replies.

The lines thing is strange. Try uploading a .blend file so we can look at it and try and find out what is wrong.

Practice makes perfect, no matter how good you are it will only get you better.

Good luck blending!

I think the odd lines are because of bad-placed normals (you know: select all vertices, shift-n, recalc all normals outside). Maybe you can add a little bevel to the tv so it doesn’t look so flat. Keep it up!