TVC: Striderite Slimers


Here’s a short commercial for Striderite shoes in the US, that we recently finished here at ProMotion Studios. We used Max for modelling, and Blender for fluid sim, animation and rendering.

>> Quicktime h264 animation

some stills:

OpenGL render of the big splash

CGTalk thread here

That’s pure awesomeness.

Was all the slime done using the fluid simulator, or did you animate pieces of slime by hand as well? (eg. the parts on the shoes creeping along slowly)


J/K, thats awesome stuff!

wow, very cool, i like the glowing thing. looks like a melted SLURPY. harhar

oogsnoepje: yeah, the slow moving slime on the side of the shoes (that becomes the printed design) was animated with shape keys, however the dripping stuff was fluidsim.

Once again, great stuff!

Post nodes for the lighting effects et all?

NIce work!
Was there a particular reason for using MAX to model?

Hell maan how do yall make such things i will not be able to make such things in a life time (or will? thats stored in time to come)
Just one question though, can you tell me how much time did it take to render this all and ur HW configs

Amazing work, great rendering, but next time use Blender for modelling.

Wow, cool down! :wink:
You’ll be able to someday, if you just keep using Blender, and practicing.

seriously, your company should have a link on the frontpage of I think it would be an advert for your work, but much more for blender, since profesionals could see that it’s possible to switch the whole studio to blender pipeline, and that’s very important.

Hmm, the very first shot where the shoes enter the screen, the animation is a bit strange, the shoes tumble a bit too fast and come to a stop a bit to quick and wobbly, but everything else is pretty close to perfect.

Awesome work yet again guys.


I think that this work is worthy of the gallery.