tw more WiP iamges of my Omega, getting closer to being done

(A2597) #1

Shes begining to look like shes a ship! I just broke the 100,000 poly limit, most likely she’ll be 150,000 to 180,000 polys when shes done. :slight_smile:

anyhoo, onto the pics. :slight_smile:

all thats left is the guns, engines, and some misc. details. :slight_smile:


(I’m not going to super detail this puppy, I know Nadab Goksu (Lightwave user) is makeing an omega that is about 100x as detailed, but I didn’t want one THAT detailed. I’m a fan of Keep it Simple)

So, comments?

(GemaRastem) #2

That is really awesome, I would like to see something taht is 100x more detailed cause yours is really detailed.

(IMProvisar) #3

That looks really cool… but what’s an Omega? In the context, I imagine it’s from a TV show, but it must not be one I’ve seen (or one I’ve seen, and forgotten).


(IMProvisar) #4

Nevermind, lol. It’s been a looong time since I last saw Babylon 5. I think when it was in it’s prime, I was back home in Alabama. Our property still doesn’t get cable, and we essentially only have 3 channels there (ABC, CBS, NBC, the Fox station is barely viewable, but somewhat recently a decent UPN station poped up).


(A2597) #5

you wanted to see the 100x more detailed version?

OK. :wink:

These next pics are NOT mine, they are Nadabs Goksu’s “Ubermega” as he called it.

(THis ones a biggie, 200+ k)

told ya it was detailed. :wink:

(EnV) #6

Very beautiful model!

(BgDM) #7

Nice job. I like yours as much as the other one. I also agree with you about the detail level. If you can get away with acheiving the same effect with less poly’s, then by all means, go ahead and do it.

A lot of detail is good if you are going to be doing a lot of close up images or a fly by anim, but if it is just going to be in the background, you won’t see all that detail anyway.

Keep on going. Can’t wait to see the finished model.


(A2597) #8

OK, just some more Wip shots.
I rendered some larger ones of the side and front to show off some of the detail. :slight_smile:

the engion section is definetly going to take awhile… :slight_smile:

(JoOngle) #9

WOW Nice spacecraft.

Aren’t there supposed to be bay-doors, chargo doors, cameras or lookout post on this
ship somewhere? I got lost in all the nice details (Just beeing picky as always :wink: )

Btw: did you use blenders own renderer for this? It looks very clean.
Really looking forward to see you texture this detail-nightmare.


(rixtr66) #10

very nice modelling,details are a good thing!!!
cant wait to see more!


(A2597) #11

some info. :slight_smile:

the launching/landing bay is at the very front of the ship.

cameras? never saw any, I just kinda assumed the starfurys (fighters) would spot anything unusual and patch it in. :slight_smile:

Yep, renderd in Blender with three spotlights. :slight_smile:

still working on engines, but I have two test to study for…sooooo :slight_smile: