Tweaking vertex normals

Hi. Is there a way to change the normal of a vertex that belongs to a single edge so that it points in the same direction that said edge? I have this “tripods” of edges that share only one vertex, an form no face. For dupliverting purposes, I want the normal of the “tip” vertex of each “leg” of the tripod to point in the same direction that the leg is pointing. Can it be done?

You can’t edit vertex normals directly in Blender but here is a workaround for your situation:

Put the object center at the “point” of the tripod (select the vertex, Shift-S -> Cursor to Selection, switch to Object mode, F9 -> Center Cursor). Then Ctrl-A to Apply scale and rotation. Note you will not have control over the direction of the vertex normal at the “point”, and you will have to use cursor as the pivot point for rotations.

I see. Thank you very much!