Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Reliefs

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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Reliefs

 A new illustration series building upon my Wizard  of Oz reliefs. Like the previous series, I use Zbrush to  sculpt most of the complex, organic objects. I use Blender to sculpt the  more simple, hard edge objects. Then I texture, light, and render in  Blender.  In this current series I'm also exploring Blender's particle system and post render compositing effects.

I would certainly appreciate feedback on the recent work.




(Craig Jones) #3

Even more to look at each time I look them over, these are excellent!

(Steve S) #4

These are beautiful. Well done.

Steve S

(wolfgannn) #5

Cool ! :cool:

(FredHystair) #6

Beautiful renders! The modelling is incredible! Can we see a wireframe?

(blq2) #7

Thanks, Paolo!

(blq2) #8

Thanks, Craig. Glad you like the work!

(blq2) #9

Thanks, Fred! I’ll see if I can post a wireframe a little later.


Craig is right, new details every time you look at them, really impressive!


(Secrop) #11


very well done!

(blq2) #12

Requested wireframes. Lot of decimation since I’m not animating.


(VickyM72) #13

Just incredible! :slight_smile:

(RhinoFlip) #14

Great work

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #15

Great! Well done

(Googolplexian) #16

Just … ART! Impressed


(Quantum Anomaly) #17

Really cool and unique pieces!
Smart of you to decimate to keep the scene manageable. I realized I should do that more often when working with hi-poly.

The only thing I wished for when looking at this was more color diversity. I thought in real life there would be more browns and greens too. But when I did some image searches I found mixed results. Some underwater ruins really do look very blue. I think it depends on a lot of factors like distance, water color, what types of sea life are growing on them, and how long the objects have been underwater. Maybe there’s no “right answer” with this, just preference.

Your particles are great, and the ones out of focus in the foreground really sell the underwater feel!
Also the straight-on lighting really feels like a diver’s flashlight.
Many things to praise about this work.

(Quantum Anomaly) #18

Just want to add: Your Wizard of OZ reliefs are amazing! Were those rendered in Blender too?
I was very impressed by the metal material.

(SynaGl0w) #19

Absolutely amazing work!!!

(Mohsen) #20

Amazing work!