Twisted tree

First time posting here since… 2009? Woah.

Edit: GREAT, I didn’t even figure out how to add an image to the post. Oh the shame. Here it is :

After a nearly 10 year long hiatus I’m trying to use Blender again and having fun discovering Cycles.
The tree was sculpted and then retopologized (in an utterly awful manner unfortunately). The rocks and small grass are the result of my struggle with particles. The fog is just a ‘noise’ and ‘volume scatter’ texture on a big cube.
The moon and the sky were added with GIMP, as the render had a transparent background.

Everybody seems super hyped about 2.80 and I’m still trying to adapt to the changes from blender 2.49, ahah.


Getting some really nice children’s book illustration vibes off this.

Thank you. The tree shape was really exaggerated (not really on purpose, it just happened) and also reminded me of some children books. Although this one is maybe a more spooky version.

Welcome back to Blender!

Tim Burton would be proud of this image!

Is that little creature actually nasty, or just pretending? :grimacing::smile:

Great. How did you texture the tree ?

For the tree I used the “Pointiness” (from the Geometry node) to try to get some color variation along the edges, and a Fresnel node to create a fake rim light effect, because I couldn’t manage to get something I liked with a real light.

(Well actually I had to really exagerate the pointiness stuff, and even now it’s still barely visible in the render, while it’s super visible in the preview. Not sure why there’s such a big difference between the two. )

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Great work! It’s cool how you used the Fresnel node. It really worked well. Cheat like the wind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looks awesome, better than what I’ve done so far. lol I have yet to post anything in the artwork section.

I’m hyped about 2.8, but also a little “scared” i guess you could say (considering the time of year it fits haha) that the changes will be so big it’ll be frustrating, but…eevee… :smiley:

Pretty cool tree shader! Reminds me Medievil, the game :slight_smile:

I really like the artwork style, good work